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Manta Catamaran Education Program

This industry leading, comprehensive education program is taught by Capt. Joe Hanko, a US SAILING Certified Master Catamaran Sailing Instructor. The course was originally designed for the Manta Catamarans factory, and was taught as part of the new owner commissioning process for MK IV catamaran purchasers. In short order, the "Manta course" became very popular with owners buying used Manta Catamarans.

The course is designed as a live aboard cruising experience. You will gain experience and building sailing skills in real cruising situations. All aspects of operating and maintaining your Manta and all its advanced systems are covered. In addition, Capt. Joe uses his teaching expertise to assess your skills and learning goals. Then he blends ingredients from our Cruising, Coastal Navigation, and Passage Making courses, along with practical advice from our years of experience, to develop a personalized curriculum. This course gives our clients the skills and confidence to enjoy your catamaran to the fullest. Following are details of the Manta Catamaran Education Program:

Manta Catamaran EducationNone3-7 days; live-aboard cruisingcustom$350.00/day

Manta Education Program Details:
  • Manta MK IV Sailcat Operation:
    These topics are always covered.
    • Machinery Operation: engines, generator, windlass, & steering
    • Systems Operation: fresh water, salt water, heads/holding tank/macerators, 12 volt / 120 volt electrical systems, charging systems
    • Environmental Systems: heating & air conditioning, galley equipment / propane system, refrigerator & freezer
    • Electronics Operation: navigation, entertainment, and monitoring equipment
    • Rigging Operation: electric winch, camber spar, boom brake, & boom vang
    • Sailing: setting & reefing sails, sail trim, & cruising spinnaker
    • Leaving & Returning to the Dock/Mooring
    • Anchoring Techniques - 1 & 2 anchors

  • Cruising & Passage Making Skills
    Topics covered depend on client needs.
    • Trip planning and Passage Route Planning
    • Preparation to Sail Coastal & Offshore
    • Boat Control in Confined & Open Waters
    • Crew Operations and Skills
    • Sail Trim & Boat Speed
    • Overboard Recovery Methods
    • Heavy Weather Sailing
    • Weather Forecasting and Monitoring
    • Long Term Provisioning and Galley Skills
    • 24 hour Watchkeeping Methods
    • Entry/Exit of Foreign Countries
    • Navigation Rules, International & Inland
    • Safety and Emergency Procedures
  • Coastal Navigation Skills
    Topics covered depend on client needs.
    • Piloting
      • Compass Variation & Deviation, Ship & Hand Bearing Compass
      • Danger Bearing, Ranges, & Back Bearings
      • Aids to Navigation, & Electronics
      • Cruising Guides, Tide & Current Tables, & Other Publications
    • Navigation
      • Navigational Strategies, Interpret and integrate weather information
      • Precautions for fog, heavy weather, & night arrivals
      • Chart Use and Plotting of DR, EP, Fix, Running Fix, Set & Drift
      • Navigation Equipment & Tools


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